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  • @diez/compiler (latest: 10.0.0-beta.4) The Diez compiler and related functionality.
  • @diez/sources (latest: 10.0.0-beta.4) Utilities and metaprogramming extensions for design sources.
  • @diez/test-utils (latest: 10.6.0) Support library for Diez unit and integration tests.
  • @diez/storage (latest: 10.6.0) Storage helpers and utilities for Diez.
  • @diez/cli-core (latest: 10.6.0) APIs for the Diez command line interface.
  • @diez/prefabs (latest: 10.6.0) Components for building a design language with Diez.
  • @diez/extractors-core (latest: 10.6.0) Utilities and metaprogramming extensions for extracting design tokens from design files.
  • @diez/start (latest: 10.6.0) Provides a simple command for starting Diez demo projects.
  • @diez/targets (latest: 10.6.0) Diez compiler targets for various platforms.
  • @diez/generation (latest: 10.6.0) Utilities for design language code generation.
  • @diez/stdlib (latest: 10.6.0) Diez bindings and core files for various platforms.

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