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  • cotc-consulate (latest: 2.10.5) High level node library for
  • xtralife-msg (latest: 4.0.0-alpha) Xtralife-msg is a distributed message bus
  • xtralife-env (latest: 4.0.0-alpha) Dependency injection for node.js
  • xtralife-api (latest: 4.0.0-alpha) business logic shared between components
  • xtralife-http (latest: 4.0.0-alpha) RESTful express server for xtralife
  • xtralife-server (latest: 4.0.0-alpha) Xtralife-server is a full blown gaming backend
  • xtralife-dashboard (latest: 4.0.0-alpha2) The dashboard works hand in hand with xtralife-server to show your data. The `./configDashboard/` must be modified just like your xtralife-server's configuration to include your games, keys, etc...

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