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  • @wmfs/ofsted-blueprint (latest: 1.0.14) Tymly blueprint to support “Ofsted latest school inspection outcomes” open data
  • @wmfs/gml-import (latest: 1.5.1) Tools for importing AddressBase and Vision3 data, syncing with Tymly, extract for Vision4
  • @wmfs/asl-choice-processor (latest: 1.14.0) For determining the next state given an Amazon States Language 'Choices' definition and a set of values.
  • @wmfs/tymly-base (latest: 1.291.0) ![Tymly](
  • @wmfs/form-maker (latest: 1.4.0) Automatically generates a form and state machine based on a yaml.
  • @wmfs/rbac (latest: 1.7.0) Role Based Access Control provider
  • @wmfs/concrete-paths (latest: 1.16.0) An option-laden utility to takes general globs, delimited paths etc and returns an array of absolute paths.
  • @wmfs/lerna-sync (latest: 1.7.0) A package to synchronize distributed GitHub repos inside a Lerna monorepo.
  • @wmfs/cardscript-cleaner (latest: 1.3.0) Cleans Cardscript form data to ensure we only submit the data that we should.
  • @wmfs/pg-concat (latest: 1.14.0) Takes an object with parts from table and outputs sql statement.
  • @wmfs/pg-info (latest: 1.16.0) Grabs metadata from a PostgreSQL database
  • @wmfs/relationize (latest: 1.22.0) Takes a set of JSON Schema definitions and returns a relational database structure capable of storing compliant data.
  • @wmfs/pg-model (latest: 1.22.1) Takes a relational database structure and returns model objects for noSQL-like abilities.
  • @wmfs/hl-pg-client (latest: 1.21.0) Provides a slightly higher level PostgreSQL client, that builds on pg-pool
  • @wmfs/j2119 (latest: 1.14.0) A general-purpose validator generator that uses RFC2119-style assertions as input.
  • @wmfs/statebox (latest: 1.65.0) Orchestrate Node functions using Amazon States Language
  • @wmfs/statelint (latest: 1.15.0) Validator for Amazon States Language JSON files.
  • @wmfs/cardscript-examples (latest: 1.19.0) Example Cardscript JSON files, to help with testing and documentation. Includes loader utility.
  • @wmfs/supercopy (latest: 1.38.0) Takes a specifically-named directory structure of CSV files and conjures bulk insert, update and delete statements and applies them to a PostgreSQL database.
  • @wmfs/smithereens (latest: 1.40.0) Smash CSV files into more manageable files based on column values
  • @wmfs/pg-delta-file (latest: 1.55.0) Outputs change-only-update CSV files (or “delta” files) that contain all the necessary actions required to re-synchronize rows in a cloned table.
  • @wmfs/tymly-statelint (latest: 1.29.0) Validator for Amazon States Language with Tymly Extensions JSON.
  • @wmfs/tymly-etl-plugin (latest: 1.138.0) A collection of states for helping with Extract, Transform and Load tasks.
  • @wmfs/pg-telepods (latest: 1.72.0) Takes the contents of one PostgreSQL table, applies a transformation function to each row and ensures a target table is kept in sync
  • @wmfs/pg-diff-sync (latest: 1.19.1) Takes two objects that describe the structure of a database and produces the PostgreSQL statements required to get from one to the other.
  • @wmfs/tymly-cloudstorage-plugin (latest: 1.3.0) Defines the cloudstorage service interface and provides state-resources around the service. Specific cloudstorage implementations provided by additional Tymly plugins.
  • @wmfs/sharepoint (latest: 1.4.1) Trying to upload/list/download documents in Microsoft SharePoint, using Node.js
  • @wmfs/tymly (latest: 1.146.0) A framework for building and sharing workflows in Node.js

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