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  • grafana (latest: 1.0.1) This is a placeholder project for @types/grafana
  • asimov-deploy-ui (latest: 0.10.4) Web UI For Asimov Deploy (distributed deploy system)
  • @grafana/api-extractor (latest: 7.10.1) Analyze the exported API for a TypeScript library and generate reviews, documentation, and .d.ts rollups
  • jest-class-spec (latest: 0.1.1) Write tests using a class. The constructur works as beforeEach, meaning a new instance is created for every test method. Methods starting with `should` are seen as test methods (it/test in jest). This allows tests to access variables defined in the setup
  • @grafana/slate-react (latest: 0.22.10-grafana) A set of React components for building completely customizable rich-text editors.
  • @grafana/e2e (latest: 8.0.6) Grafana End-to-End Test Library
  • @grafana/ui (latest: 8.0.6) Grafana Components Library

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