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  • @kano/kwc-style (latest: 3.0.0-beta.2) Provides style guidelines and assets to Kano Web Components
  • @kano/x-carousel (latest: 3.0.0-beta.2) `x-carousel` allows user to navigate through an overflowed section using button or touch depending on the device.
  • @kano/kwc-file-picker (latest: 3.0.0-beta.2) Display a list of items from a tree as a file picker would
  • @kano/polymer-sortablejs (latest: 3.0.0-beta.3) Minimalist library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices. No jQuery.
  • @kano/kwc-button (latest: 3.0.0-beta.3) An atomic button element with Kano styling
  • @kano/dragonbones-pixi (latest: 5.6.2) * Clone or download [DragonBonesJS]( * Install [Node.JS]( * Open `DragonBonesJS/Pixi/4.x/` in command. * $ `npm install` * $ `npm run build`
  • @kano/kwc-drop-down (latest: 3.0.0-beta.5) A customizable dialog with two buttons and slottable content
  • @kano/kwc-icons (latest: 3.0.0-beta.3) All Kano icons, broken up by category Edit
  • @kano/devices-sdk (latest: 1.0.1) Allows the detection and comunication with Kano devices.
  • @kano/kwc-behaviors (latest: 3.0.0-beta.5) Provides a collection of behaviors used by the Kano apps
  • @kano/es6-resolution (latest: 1.0.20) Transforms your named ES6 Imports into resolved paths, allowing a browser to fetch the dependencies.
  • @kano/es6-server (latest: 1.0.3) CLI built with connect to serve development files. Named modules in js and html files will be resolved against the `node_modules` directory and replaced with their relative path.
  • @kano/web-tester (latest: 1.0.0-alpha.20) Runs front-end mocha tests using puppeteer
  • @kano/i18n (latest: 1.0.4) Provide a simple message DB managment and localization function.
  • @kano/common (latest: 1.0.4) Set of libarries to implement common Development Patterns and Principles.
  • @kano/desktop-shell (latest: 1.1.0) Abstraction layer on top of electron to provide common features in a shell ready to use.
  • @kano/noble-uwp (latest: 0.6.4) Noble (Node.js Bluetooth LE) with Windows 10 UWP bindings
  • @kano/kit-app-shell-cordova (latest: 0.0.3-alpha.88) This platform provides common tools to develop, build and test on mobile platforms using the cordova project.
  • @kano/kit-app-shell-electron (latest: 0.0.3-alpha.88) - Reliable postinstall script that installs and build required dependencies when missing - Investigate v8-compile-cache
  • @kano/twemoji (latest: 1.0.0) A copy of twemoji with exports and typescript definitions
  • @kano/telemetry (latest: 1.0.3) Provides a unified telemetry API reporting API usages, user actions and custom events.
  • @kano/icons-tool (latest: 3.3.14) Generates svg icon sheet from a collection of svg files. Icons are optinized using The default formatter exports a SVG icon sheet ready to be used with `@kano/icons-rendering`
  • @kano/icons-rendering (latest: 3.3.14) A small set of functions to help organizing the rendering of SVG icons with HTML templates.
  • @kano/icons (latest: 3.3.14) Set of icons to use and re-use across UIs
  • @kano/styles (latest: 3.3.14) Shared styles for web projects
  • @kano/kwc-share-player (latest: 3.3.14) To wrap the app player in a UI component specific to the type of the share, e.g. &#34;Pixel Kit&#34;.
  • @kano/kwc-auth (latest: 3.0.7) Front end for Kano&#39;s authentication flow.
  • @kano/api-client (latest: 3.4.30) Intercept calls between the server and the client try to minimise them
  • @kano/kbc-utils (latest: 1.1.2) Utilities functionality for boilerplate mini apps
  • @kano/kbc-telemetry (latest: 1.3.1) Telemetry module for boilerplate apps, using react-tracking
  • @kano/kbc-challenges (latest: 1.4.1) All components relation to app challenge packs and challenges cards and views.
  • @kano/code (latest: 3.0.1-alpha.41) ## The Repository

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