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  • local-port (latest: 0.0.2) Find open or closed local port within a range
  • pm2-logs (latest: 0.1.1) Pm2 cli logs interface
  • ezseed-axon (latest: 2.0.1) High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js
  • ezseed-watcher (latest: 1.1.1) Ezseed watcher handles fiels watching
  • tmdb-3 (latest: 0.0.9) TMDB api wrapper
  • gulp-xliff-to-json (latest: 1.0.1) ``` //target language is fr gulp.src('./test.xlf') .pipe(xliff2json()) .pipe(gulp.dest('./')) //result is ```
  • nipc (latest: 1.0.0) Run a node process with ipc enabled
  • xplorer (latest: 3.0.2) Explore and share. Highly-configurable directory listing made with nodejs
  • explorer-m3u (latest: 1.1.0) To use with [explorer](
  • ezseed (latest: 0.6.17) Cli interface for ezseed - rtorrent/transmission multi-user installer and manager
  • cma (latest: 1.0.8) Cli mail
  • ansi-rainbow (latest: 1.0.1) One of the most advanced ansi string rainbow stylizer tool
  • @soyuka/clone (latest: 1.0.1) Clone objects recursively by dropping circular references
  • eviluation (latest: 1.0.2) Stringify prototypes, errors, objects etc and evaluate them back to javascript code
  • tcpee (latest: 1.0.1) TCP version of IPCEE
  • fclone (latest: 1.0.11) Clone objects by dropping circular references
  • promise-spawner (latest: 2.0.0) Lazy nodejs spawner with stdout/stderr streams and error handling through promises
  • higher-path (latest: 1.0.0) Higher allowed path based on a root and a given path
  • @api-platform/generate-crud (latest: 0.1.7) Generate a CRUD application built with React, Redux and React Router from an Hydra-enabled API
  • choo-redux (latest: 1.0.1) Redux bridge for choojs.
  • ipcee (latest: 2.0.0) IPC combined with EventEmitter
  • sysl (latest: 2.0.0) A simple utility to produce L-System stacks.
  • ps-tree-ce (latest: 1.1.0) Get all children of a pid (Community edition)
  • browser.runtime (latest: 1.0.4) Native messaging browser.runtime implementation with nodejs
  • native-installer (latest: 1.0.0) Cross-browser native messaging installer for webextensions
  • rxrest (latest: 6.0.1) RxRest a reactive REST utility
  • relieve (latest: 2.2.3) Ease the implementation of multi processing accross your microservices
  • dpicker (latest: 5.2.1) A framework-agnostic minimal date picker.
  • random-access-idb (latest: 1.2.1) [random-access][1]-compatible indexedDB storage layer
  • hyperlist (latest: 1.0.0) A performant virtual scrolling list library
  • ssestream2 (latest: 1.0.0) Serverside event stream
  • signalhubws (latest: 1.0.12) Drop in replacement for signalhub with websockets
  • renice (latest: 1.0.2) Change process priority
  • pidusage (latest: 2.0.21) Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID
  • @api-platform/api-doc-parser (latest: 0.10.1) Transform an API documentation (Hydra, OpenAPI, GraphQL) in an intermediate representation that can be used for various tasks such as creating smart API clients, scaffolding code or building administration interfaces.
  • @api-platform/admin (latest: 2.2.3) Automatic administration interface for Hydra-enabled APIs.

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