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  • ftshp-michelangelo (latest: 0.1.2) This is a custom template for the kss-node living style guide forker from Michelangelo template.
  • @siteone/tachyons (latest: 0.0.5) Forked []( for our purposes. Just import to your projec
  • @siteone/atoms (latest: 0.0.5) This package holds shared React components for the monorepo. These components are used by the Razzle and CRA applications out of the box. This package comes configured with TypeScript, React Storybook, and Jest already setup for you.
  • @siteone/serve-static (latest: 0.0.20) Server for static projects which don't need SSR but could use all the other goodies.
  • @siteone/vanilla-maps (latest: 2.1.15) 1. Bundles in assets are version that are guaranteed to work with our tiles
  • @siteone/react-address-suggester (latest: 2.1.15) This is a solution for suggesting addresses. It is thin layer built on top of [react-autosuggest](, communicating with our address server.
  • @siteone/react-maps (latest: 2.1.15) This is the Frontend client for our maps solution. It is based on leaflet and react-leaflet.
  • @siteone/system-toolset (latest: 0.8.8-alpha.0) Useful functions and mixins to supercharge work with @siteone/system-* libraries
  • @siteone/pagebuilder-ui (latest: 0.5.0) React components for page builder user interface built on @siteone/system-core and @siteone/system-components
  • @siteone/builder (latest: 0.17.6) Configuration and scripts for Create React SSR App
  • @siteone/pagebuilder-editor (latest: 0.7.2) Main package used in projects to display editable page. Companion of @siteone/pagebuilder-renderer which is used for rendering page.
  • @siteone/gitlab-ci-tools (latest: 0.0.1-0) **NOTE:** **This is a work in progress, please note that it's far from stable version. It's in usable state, but still in development. There are a good chance the configuration and API will change in the future.**

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