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  • plain-fetch (latest: 0.2.0) Easy way to construct simple http fetch requests
  • hops-root (latest: 6.0.0-beta.16) T.B.D. (To Be Documented)
  • hops-local-cli (latest: 9.3.2) CLI tool to build, run and develop Hops based projects
  • hops-cli (latest: 9.3.2) Global CLI module to initialize new hops projects
  • hops-plugin (latest: 9.5.0) Hops Webpack plugin using Webpack to render HTML
  • hops-server (latest: 9.7.0) Provides common functionality for express-like servers
  • assert-pm (latest: 1.0.2) Assert that a certain package manager was used when running a yarn/npm script.
  • hops-middleware (latest: 10.0.2) Hops Express middleware leveraging Webpack
  • hops-renderer (latest: 10.0.2) Hops HTML renderer based on Webpack
  • wirf (latest: 1.0.1) Create an object that throws whenever it is accessed in any way.
  • react-ensure-provider (latest: 1.0.3) Throw an error when `Context.Consumer` is rendered outside `Context.Provider`.
  • rlsr (latest: 3.3.0) create npm releses and changelogs from a multi repo
  • react-snappy-selection (latest: 2.0.2) Make text selection snap when selected by clicking multiple times. Inspired by github's snappy branch name selection.
  • hops-template-minimal (latest: 10.4.6) [![npm](](
  • hops-build-config (latest: 10.4.6) Hops build configuration leveraging Webpack and Babel
  • hops-build (latest: 10.4.6) Hops wrapper around webpack to execute a build
  • workerfy (latest: 0.0.1) Offload (almost) any function to a worker thread
  • babel-plugin-debug-source (latest: 0.1.2) Adds file path and loc information for [`debug`]( calls. Makes it easier to find the origin of the debug messages.
  • canarist (latest: 2.2.3) **TLDR**: _A bit like `npm link`, but for workspaces / monorepos :rocket:_
  • hops-postcss (latest: 13.3.5) Configuration of PostCSS and Webpack for Hops
  • hops-webpack (latest: 13.3.5) webpack support for Hops applications

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