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  • chainsawed (latest: 0.1.1) Create chained expressions easily
  • @lectro/mantle (latest: 1.1.1) Advance Extended Configurations for Lectro
  • @unireact/core (latest: 0.1.3) Killer API over React SSR configuration
  • @redux-actionlang/sagas (latest: 0.1.0-beta-10) Quickly Create Sagas to transform your actions to other actions and more.
  • rskript (latest: 0.1.0-alpha.1) Basic Compositon of all Js repos
  • @halberd/dynamo (latest: 0.1.4-beta) Create Killer API over Webpackv4 configuration
  • @lectro/core (latest: 1.1.3-alpha.11) An Awesome Transformer for your Node and your Browser code
  • @lectro/node (latest: 0.1.0-alpha.6) Node Configuration Lectro

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