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  • nuxt-piwik (latest: 0.3.0) nuxt module for piwik analytics
  • node-memwatcher (latest: 0.1.4) Quickly watch real-time memory stats of your node app
  • nuxt-memwatch (latest: 0.1.2) Quickly watch real-time memory stats of your nuxt app
  • @nuxt/press (latest: 0.0.1-beta.4) Minimalist Markdown Publishing for Nuxt.js
  • eslint-multiplexer (latest: 2.0.0) Combine multiple eslint results and merge results for common files
  • nuxt-rfg-icon (latest: 0.6.4) Nuxt.js module for creating favicons with RealFaviconGenerator api
  • nuxt-matomo (latest: 1.2.3) Matomo analytics for Nuxt.js
  • @nuxt/markdown (latest: 0.0.21) Nuxt-flavoured fork of @dimerapp/markdown
  • @nuxt/blueprints (latest: 0.1.0-alpha.1) Module for Nuxt.js to create distributable micro-apps
  • @nuxtjs/lunr-module (latest: 0.3.1) Full-text search with pre-build indexes for Nuxt.js using lunr.js
  • tib (latest: 0.7.4) Easy e2e browser testing in Node
  • motd-json (latest: 0.1.1) Library for retrieving a random motd from a json input with filter support
  • @nuxtjs/motd (latest: 0.1.0) Messages of the day lib for Nuxt.js
  • vue-meta (latest: 2.4.0) Manage HTML metadata in Vue.js components with ssr support
  • nuxt-optout (latest: 0.0.3) Forcibly disable sending Nuxt.js telemetry
  • nuxt-lambda (latest: 0.5.1) Nuxt.js command to quickly & easily create an optimized lambda

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