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  • jquery-xhrfilter (latest: 0.9.2) A jQuery plugin to manipulate Ajax response before they get to the original requester.
  • lerna-hg (latest: 2.0.0-beta.38.1) Tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages
  • @swissquote/fetch-filter (latest: 0.9.0) A wrapper around Fetch that allows to manipulate the responses, or have side effects on them
  • absorption (latest: 0.5.0) ![Node.js CI](
  • @swissquote/crafty-runner-rollup (latest: 1.12.0) rollup.js is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application.
  • @swissquote/crafty-runner-webpack (latest: 1.12.0) Webpack is an asset bundler, its purpose is to compile your JavaScript code to be the most efficient possible for production.
  • @swissquote/crafty-runner-gulp (latest: 1.12.0) "Automate and enhance your workflow" This is how Gulp presents itself, Gulp is a task runner, combined with an API of file streams.
  • @swissquote/crafty-preset-babel (latest: 1.12.0) **Babel** is the leading tool to compile EcmaScript 2015+ to EcmaScript 5, combined with **ESLint** to lint your code, you get the best preset to get started.
  • @swissquote/crafty-preset-eslint (latest: 1.12.0) **ESLint** is the leading tool to lint JavaScript and, using plugins, to lint many flavors of it like TypeScript.
  • @swissquote/crafty-preset-maven (latest: 1.12.0) This preset allows you to use crafty within a Maven build (with `frontend-maven-plugin`). This will discover you `pom.xml` and get the right folder in `target` for you.
  • @swissquote/crafty-preset-typescript (latest: 1.12.0) Microsoft presents TypeScript as "JavaScript that scales". TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that allows you to type your code. Not everything needs to have a type as the tool is powerful enough to infer most of the types.
  • @swissquote/crafty-preset-prettier (latest: 1.12.0) `crafty-preset-prettier` is a preset that is here only to provide IDE integration for your Prettier configuration. You don't need to install it directly as it comes as a dependency of the presets that need it.
  • @swissquote/crafty (latest: 1.12.0) `crafty` is the core package of Crafty, it gives the foundations to load presets and execute the tasks and commands created by them.

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