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  • uport-persona (latest: 2.0.3) A library for creating, updating and reading attributes and claims on uport personas.
  • uport-registry (latest: 5.1.0) uPort Registry contracts and JS middleware
  • uport-wallet-cli (latest: 0.0.5) A uport cli wallet for ether and erc20 tokens
  • eth-signer (latest: 0.3.4) A lightweight ethereum javascript signer.
  • ethereum-claims-registry (latest: 0.0.4) A repository storing claims issued from any Ethereum account to any other Ethereum account.
  • userspace (latest: 0.0.1) Interact with the user space
  • sss-wasm (latest: 0.1.0) wasm bindings for the sss secret sharing library
  • muport-core (latest: 0.4.1) Create and use ┬ÁPort identities
  • uport (latest: 0.6.5) Library for interacting with uport profiles and attestations
  • 3box-activity (latest: 0.0.9) An API for dapps to create an Ethereum activity feed
  • seedsplit (latest: 0.2.0) Use shamirs secret sharing scheme to split a seed mnemonic for crypto wallets to multiple mnemonics.
  • 3id (latest: 0.0.1) Open protocol unifying users and their data on web3
  • profile-hover (latest: 1.1.2) Drop in profile hover for any ethereum address
  • 3box-comments-react (latest: 3.0.5) Comments component for decentralized applications by 3Box
  • 3box-chatbox-react (latest: 0.3.0) Chat component for decentralized applications by 3Box
  • 3box (latest: 1.22.2) Interact with user data
  • dag-jose-utils (latest: 0.1.0) Utility functions for the dag-jose ipld codec
  • dag-jose (latest: 0.3.0) Typescript implementation of the IPLD dag-jose format
  • @ceramicstudio/idx (latest: 0.2.1) ![IDX header image](
  • @ceramicstudio/idx-web (latest: 0.1.0) A browser-only version of [IDX]( using [3ID Connect](
  • dids (latest: 0.7.0) Typescript library for interacting with DIDs

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