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  • wheelmap-react (latest: 1.5.1) This app is a refactored version of [Wheelmap]('s ‘classic’ Rails frontend. Its purpose is to split frontend and backend development and to make deployments as independent as possible of each other.
  • @sozialhelden/fetch-cache (latest: 2.0.1) A cached WhatWG fetch with URLs as cache keys, featuring eviction based on LRU, maximal item count and/or TTL.
  • @sozialhelden/ac-format (latest: 7.4.3) This repository contains a unified data format that describes the accessibility of places, facilities and services.
  • @sozialhelden/twelve-factor-dotenv (latest: 15.0.0) 12-factor environment-based config for SSR web apps. Isometric API with a filter to decide which secrets are shared with client-side code.
  • @sozialhelden/a11yjson (latest: 10.0.0) A harmonized data schema for describing the accessibility of physical places

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