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  • grunt-nginline (latest: 1.0.1) Takes the content of templateUrl and puts it into template
  • chai-htmlhint (latest: 1.0.0) Matcher for chai to validate that HTML is valid using HTMLHint
  • zopfli-node (latest: 2.0.3) Bindings for Zopfli compressing lib. Compress gzip files 5% better than gzip.
  • @hint/artwork (latest: 2.2.1) Artworks used by the webhint project
  • create-hint (latest: 4.0.6) webhint's hint initializer package
  • create-parser (latest: 3.0.6) webhint's parser initializer package
  • create-hintrc (latest: 3.0.6) webhint's configuration file initializer package
  • @hint/formatter-excel (latest: 3.1.16) webhint formatter that outputs the result in an Excel file (xlsx)
  • @hint/formatter-json (latest: 3.1.16) webhint formatter that prints the JSON object of the results
  • @hint/formatter-summary (latest: 3.0.19) The `summary` formatter prints the results of a site analysis in a table with how many errors or warnings a hint has found:
  • hint (latest: 6.0.6) The linting tool for the web
  • @hint/hint-axe (latest: 4.3.5) hint that that checks using axe for accessibility related best practices
  • @hint/hint-compat-api (latest: 4.3.4) hint to validate if the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript APIs of the project are deprecated or not broadly supported
  • @hint/hint-create-element-svg (latest: 1.3.4) Infrom users that they need to use createElementNS to create SVG elements instead of createElement
  • @hint/hint-css-prefix-order (latest: 1.4.4) Ensure vendor-prefixed versions of a CSS property are listed before the unprefixed version.
  • @hint/hint-doctype (latest: 3.3.4) this hint checks if the HTML is using the most modern DOCTYPE.
  • @hint/hint-minified-js (latest: 2.4.4) hint that that checks if the JavaScript used by the web page is minified
  • @hint/hint-https-only (latest: 2.4.4) hint that that checks if your site is using HTTPS and if it has mixed content.
  • @hint/hint-no-bom (latest: 4.2.4) hint that that warns against using the BOM character at the beginning of a text file.
  • @hint/hint-sri (latest: 4.0.0) Require scripts and styles to use Subresource Integrity
  • @hint/hint-ssllabs (latest: 2.4.4) hint that that checks using SSL Labs for best practices related to the website's SSL configuration
  • @hint/parser-jsx (latest: 1.0.6) webhint parser needed to analyze HTML elements in JSX
  • @hint/parser-sass (latest: 1.0.11) webhint parser needed to analyze SASS and SCSS files

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