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@mithray Tue Jan 22 2019 13:55:59 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time) false

  • @mithray/hashtml (latest: 0.0.100151) Hashed and Signed Hypertext Markup Language
  • readeasy (latest: 0.0.109) Easily test the readability of a text and suggest areas of improvement.
  • @mithray/smd (latest: 0.1.15) A markdown flavor designed to be modular, customizable, with additional options like styling and HTML wrapping.
  • emiln (latest: 0.0.5) ![emiln](
  • songshu (latest: 0.0.16) _A usable node module for secure credential storage_
  • sempub (latest: 0.1.68) Automatically updates version, pushes to git and publishes your npm package.

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