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  • @mojaloop/deploytest (latest: 0.3.9) Basic CI test for the mojaloop project. Warning: this package may be unpublished - do not depend on it!
  • @mojaloop/central-fraud-sharing (latest: 1.1.0-snapshot.4) A series of services designed to offer the participants an avenue to share end user and transactional information to help promote overall health of the scheme via fraud prevention.
  • sims (latest: 4.4.0-performance) A super-simple fsp simulator
  • @mojaloop/opentracing (latest: 6.4.0-snapshot) [![Build Status][ci-img]][ci] [![Coverage Status][cov-img]][cov] [![NPM Published Version][npm-img]][npm] ![Node Version][node-img] [![Join the chat at](
  • @mojaloop/ml-number (latest: 8.2.0) Mojaloop Number Library implementation that handles decimal processing of amounts/numbers

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