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  • @antv/g2-brush (latest: 0.0.2) Select a one-, two-dimensional or irregular region using the mouse.
  • gago-react-gl (latest: 0.0.11) A suite of 3D-enabled data visualization overlays, suitable for react-map-gl
  • @antv/stat (latest: 0.0.2) the Grammar of Graphics in Javascript
  • @antv/bin (latest: 0.2.3-beta.1) Project templates, etc.
  • @antv/gl-matrix (latest: 2.7.1) Javascript Matrix and Vector library for High Performance WebGL apps
  • @antv/istanbul (latest: 0.0.0) Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests
  • @antv/g (latest: 3.4.10) A canvas library which providing 2d draw for G2.
  • @antv/gui (latest: 0.1.2) UI component for G.
  • @antv/wx-f2 (latest: 2.1.1) F2 for weixin mini-program
  • @antv/g-webgpu-unitchart (latest: 0.5.1) inspired by: * ATOM: A grammar for unit visualizations * ATOM: * 中文翻译:
  • @antv/g-webgpu-compiler (latest: 0.5.6) convert TS-like syntax to GLSL 1.0/4.5, inspired by [stardustjs](
  • @antv/g-webgpu-core (latest: 0.5.6) * contains systems and components in ECS * root DI container implemented by inversify.js * export render engine's interface which will be implemented by WebGPU/WebGL in `@antv/g-webgpu-engine`
  • @antv/g-webgpu (latest: 0.5.6) ```typescript import { World } from '@antv/g-webgpu';
  • @antv/x6-vector (latest: 1.0.3) Lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.

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