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  • fakematrix (latest: 0.2.0) A simple script to scare people
  • picotts (latest: 0.1.1) PicoTTS wrapper. PicoTTS is being used by Android and it's extremely lightweight and fast yet produces very natural voices.
  • msgpackrpc (latest: 1.2.1) Msgpack over RPC, with multiple responses support
  • stampery (latest: 6.1.0) Stampery API for NodeJS: seamlessly integrate the blockchain-powered, industrial-scale certification platform into your NodeJS apps.
  • @aragon/web (latest: 0.2.0) Aragon components for websites
  • @aragon/apps-shared-migrations (latest: 1.0.0) See [truffle migrations](
  • @aragon/kits-base (latest: 1.0.0) Base contract with common functions to help building Kits on top of it
  • @aragon/ppf.js (latest: 1.0.3) JS library for generating PPF update signatures
  • @aragon/apps-payroll (latest: 1.0.0) _**Code in Github:**_ [aragon-apps/apps/payroll](
  • @aragon/kits-bare (latest: 1.0.0) Generic kit for deploying and setting up a DAO with one app
  • @aragon/minime (latest: 1.0.0) Lightly modified. See [original](
  • @aragon/abis (latest: 1.1.0) Package to expose Aragon ABIs
  • @aragon/aragen (latest: 5.4.3) Generate Aragon local dev environment snapshots
  • @aragon/id (latest: 2.1.1) Verifiably safe ENS registrations.
  • @aragon/court-backend-shared (latest: 0.0.1) This repo provides a set of JavaScript components shared by all of the repos contained in this mono-repo.
  • @aragon/court-backend-server (latest: 0.0.1) This server aims to provide different kind of services to complement the logic implemented at the smart contracts level.
  • @aragon/os (latest: 4.4.0) Core contracts for Aragon
  • use-viewport (latest: 0.2.0) [<img src="" alt="" />]( [<img src="" alt="" />](
  • use-inside (latest: 0.2.0) [<img src="" alt="" />]( [<img src="" alt="" />](
  • @aragon/toolkit (latest: 0.0.7-beta.1) Programmatic interface for interacting with Aragon
  • @aragon/apm (latest: 3.1.4) JavaScript library for the Aragon Package Manager
  • @aragon/cli (latest: 7.1.6) Aragon command-line tools
  • @aragon/apps-agreement (latest: 0.1.0-beta.0) Aragon Agreements allow organization actions to be governed by a subjective set of rules, that cannot be encoded into smart contracts.
  • @aragon/wrapper (latest: 5.0.0) Library for Aragon client implementations
  • use-token (latest: 0.2.0) [<img src="" alt="" />]( [<img src="" alt="" />](
  • @aragon/provided-connector (latest: 6.0.8) A simple, maximally extensible, dependency minimized framework for building modern Ethereum dApps
  • @aragon/ui (latest: 1.7.0) aragonUI is a React library used to build user interfaces for Aragon and its related projects. It provides the components needed to build experiences that feel integrated with Aragon ecosystem, and can be used both client or server side.
  • @aragon/contract-helpers-test (latest: 0.1.0) [![Status](]( [![npm version](
  • radspec (latest: 2.0.0-rc.2) Radspec is a safe alternative to Ethereum's natspec
  • token-amount (latest: 0.2.0) [<img src="" alt="" />]( [<img src="" alt="" />](
  • @aragon/connect (latest: 0.7.0) Access and interact with Aragon Organizations and their apps.
  • @aragon/connect-core (latest: 0.7.0) Access and interact with Aragon Organizations and their apps.
  • @aragon/staking (latest: 0.3.2) [![Build Status](](
  • @aragon/erc3kjs (latest: 1.0.1-beta.0) Interact with ERC-3000 compatible DAOs
  • use-wallet (latest: 0.8.1) [<img src="" alt="" />]( [<img src="" alt="" />](

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