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  • chrome-nfc (latest: 0.0.1) Chrome App NFC Library
  • token-parser (latest: 0.0.2) A tokenized string parser for JavaScript
  • gulp-typeset (latest: 0.0.2) Preprocess HTML for better typography
  • react-policies (latest: 0.3.2) A policy based access control for React components.
  • angular-slug (latest: 0.0.4) An AngularJS wrapper arround the slug library
  • react-compose-events (latest: 0.1.0) A Higher-Order Component factory to attach outside event listeners
  • react-inspect-props (latest: 0.2.0) React properties inspector with the power of Redux DevTools
  • react-path-tracker (latest: 0.2.0) Easily track traveled paths on highly dynamic or recursive React trees.
  • console-suppress (latest: 0.1.1) Augments console methods with message suppressing capabilities.
  • graphql-apq (latest: 0.1.1) Automatic persisted queries (APQ) for any GraphQL server.
  • now-we-test (latest: 0.9.0) Test your Now deployed Node.js lambdas locally
  • procsy (latest: 1.0.0) A proxy building helper with subdomain support
  • harvest-cli (latest: 0.1.12) Unofficial Harvest CLI focused on time-tracking creation
  • now-micro (latest: 0.4.0) The missing Micro builder for Now 2.0
  • lucas-gql (latest: 3.0.0) gql service and tools
  • graphql-modules (latest: 0.7.7) <p align="center"> <img alt="GraphQL Modules" src="./logo.svg" width="500" /> </p>
  • apollo-cache-instorage (latest: 0.2.5) Apollo Cache implementation that facilitates locally storing resources
  • strv-task-eslint (latest: 0.1.0) Mrm task for configuring ESLint based on STRV's Code Quality Tools
  • mrm-task-strv-eslint (latest: 0.1.0) Mrm task for configuring ESLint based on STRV's Code Quality Tools
  • next-hot-loader (latest: 0.1.2) React Hot Loader meets Next.js once again
  • apollo-cache (latest: 1.3.5) Core abstract of Caching layer for Apollo Client

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