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  • @ionic/jpml (latest: 0.0.5) Wrap any file content within jsonp callback
  • @ionic/v1-util (latest: 1.0.0-alpha.9c5d4505) Utility CLI for Ionic 1.x apps, used by Ionic CLI
  • @ionic/cli-scripts (latest: 1.0.0-rc.0) These are mostly internal scripts to manage CLI development.
  • @stencil/utils (latest: 0.0.5) Dev tools to improve cross platform experiences.
  • @ionic/ng-toolkit (latest: 1.1.0) Utilities for ionic/angular v4+ apps, used by Ionic CLI
  • @ionic/pro-jobs (latest: 0.5.4) This code runs jobs for Ionic Pro, such as `build-app`, `build-android`, and `build-ios`.
  • @ionic/pro (latest: 2.0.4) JS Client for Ionic Pro
  • @stencil/helmet (latest: 0.3.2) Declaratively update the head from a Stencil app.
  • @isomer/core (latest: 0.0.1) Base dependency for Isomer animations
  • @isomer/angular (latest: 0.0.1) Angular dependency injection for Isomer animations
  • @isomer/react (latest: 0.0.1) React component for Isomer animations
  • @stencil/redux (latest: 0.2.0) Stencil Redux - A simple redux-connector for Stencil-built web components
  • @ionic/discover (latest: 3.1.5) Simple UDP based protocol for service discovery implemented in pure JS.
  • @stencil/ssg (latest: 0.0.22) Stencil Static Site Generation Utilities
  • @ionic/lab (latest: 3.2.10) Ionic Lab utility for developing Ionic apps, used by Ionic CLI
  • @ionic/v1-toolkit (latest: 3.2.15) Utility CLI for Ionic 1.x apps, used by Ionic CLI
  • @stencil/core (latest: 2.4.0) A Compiler for Web Components and Progressive Web Apps
  • @ionic/docs (latest: 5.5.4) Pre-packaged API documentation for the Ionic docs.
  • @ionic/angular (latest: 5.5.4) Angular specific wrappers for @ionic/core
  • @ionic/react (latest: 5.5.4) React specific wrapper for @ionic/core
  • @ionic/vue (latest: 5.5.4) Vue specific wrapper for @ionic/core
  • @ionic/core (latest: 5.5.4) Base components for Ionic
  • ionicons (latest: 5.5.0) Premium icons for Ionic.
  • @stencil/store (latest: 1.4.1) Store is a lightweight shared state library by the StencilJS core team. Implements a simple key/value map that efficiently re-renders components when necessary.
  • @ionic/cli (latest: 6.13.1) A tool for creating and developing Ionic Framework mobile apps.

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