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  • node-lumx (latest: 1.0.0) LumX installed by npm
  • @6river/configr (latest: 1.1.0) Configr is a library that provides a set of TypeScript decorators to inject configuration params into class properties.
  • @6river/context (latest: 1.1.0-beta.1) This is a promise-based port of Go conext library.
  • @6river/rosbag (latest: 1.1.0-browserOrNode.2) `rosbag` is a node.js & browser compatible module for reading [rosbag]( binary data files.
  • @6river/sqlite3 (latest: 4.1.0) Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings
  • @6river/sqlite (latest: 3.0.3) SQLite client for Node.js applications with SQL-based migrations API
  • blueshell (latest: 2.2.0) A Behavior Tree implementation in modern Javascript
  • @6river/reason-guard (latest: 3.7.4) TypeScript library to build typeguards that explain their decisions

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