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  • sass-jest (latest: 0.1.7) Unit test Sass using Jest
  • @ovotech/typesafe-get (latest: 2.0.1) A typesafe way to get nested properties when any parent property might be undefined, while we wait for the optional chaining operator to finally exist
  • @ovotech/avro-stream (latest: 1.3.2) Serialize/deserialize kafka-node streams with avro data, using confluent schema-registry to hold the schemas
  • pa11y (latest: 5.3.0) Pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal
  • @ovotech/kafka-avro-cli (latest: 1.3.0) A CLI for inspecting the confluent schema-registry, produce and consume avro kafka events
  • pa11y-ci (latest: 2.4.0) Pa11y CI is a CI-centric accessibility test runner, built using Pa11y
  • @ovotech/avro-ts (latest: 6.0.0) Convert avro schemas into typescript interfaces
  • @ovotech/json-schema (latest: 0.5.3) A lightweight a json-schema. Depends only on yaml package and node-fetch.
  • pa11y-webservice (latest: 3.2.0) Pa11y Webservice provides scheduled accessibility reports for multiple URLs
  • @ovotech/blaise (latest: 0.2.2) An API to generate mock payloads for @ovotech/castle using @ovotech/avro-mock-generator
  • @ovotech/laminar (latest: 0.9.1) A minimal nodejs http server, built around the concept of strictly typed middlewares
  • @ovotech/identity-auth (latest: 1.0.0) Authentication library for indentity@OVO based server-to-server auth and client-to-server auth. Supports fastify
  • @ovotech/avro-kafkajs (latest: 0.6.0) A wrapper around Kafkajs to transparently use Schema Registry for producing and consuming messages with avro schemas.

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