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  • harpy-css (latest: 0.4.0) CSS generator for Harpy
  • gulp-css-info (latest: 1.0.1) Gulp plugin for generating docs for functional CSS files
  • css-info-app (latest: 1.2.0) Autogenerate documentation for functional CSS
  • yaml-tag (latest: 1.1.0) Template literal tag function for YAML in JS
  • amino-css (latest: 1.2.0) A functional CSS framework
  • spc_map (latest: 0.0.2) This is a simple map component for spacecraft.
  • spc_icons (latest: 0.0.3) This is an icons component for spacecraft.
  • wideo (latest: 0.0.1) Library used to download videos from web components
  • @jfrk/facade (latest: 1.1.2) Makes it easier and more intuitive to work with state trees consisting of plain objects, arrays and primitive values. Use methods, getters and setters directly on the objects instead of selectors. Perfect to combine with [Immer](
  • @jfrk/react-id (latest: 1.0.0) A React hook that ensures unique id attributes on HTML elements
  • @jeanfredrik/yett (latest: 2.0.0) A small library that can prevent other scripts from executing.

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