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  • ick (latest: 0.3.1) Interactive Console Experiment
  • notebook-preview (latest: 0.2.4) Lightweight preview of a notebook, nteract style
  • enchannel (latest: 4.2.1) Light spec for wiring up communications between Jupyter frontend and backend implementations.
  • nteract (latest: 0.8.0) Interactive literate coding notebook!
  • @nteract/ion (latest: 0.1.2) A React-backed UI Toolkit for interactive computing apps
  • @nteract/iron-icons (latest: 1.0.0) iron-icon react components, styled for use within nteract packages
  • @nteract/octicons (latest: 2.0.0) octicon react components, styled for use within nteract packages
  • @nteract/kernel-relay (latest: 2.0.2) This package provides a GraphQL API for managing communication between a Jupyter kernel and clients. The package allows users to launch kernels, subscribe to the status of a kernel, send Jupyter messages from a client to a kernel, and more.
  • @nteract/plotly (latest: 1.49.1) A minimal version of the plotly.js library
  • spawnteract (latest: 5.0.1) Proving out an API for spawning Jupyter kernels
  • jupyter-paths (latest: 2.0.3) Node wrapping of jupyter/jupyter_core to resolve paths across Jupyter installations.
  • rx-binder (latest: 4.0.6) RxJS bindings to Binder
  • rx-jupyter (latest: 5.5.12) RxJS 5 bindings for the Jupyter Notebook API
  • @nteract/types (latest: 7.1.0) A collection of type definitions used within core nteract packages
  • @nteract/editor (latest: 10.1.2) The editor that lives inside cells in nteract
  • @nteract/core (latest: 15.1.0) core modules and components for nteract apps
  • @nteract/reducers (latest: 5.1.0) A set of reducers for use in nteract applications
  • @nteract/web (latest: 1.1.5-alpha.0) An nteract-based web application with kernels provided by Binder
  • @nteract/myths (latest: 0.2.2) A redux-observable framework for better locality of dependencies
  • @nteract/epics (latest: 5.0.2) Redux-Observable epics for nteract apps
  • @nteract/fixtures (latest: 2.3.10) This package contains fixtures for immutable and string notebooks for use in nteract test suites.

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