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  • rn-pushe (latest: 1.0.3) ## Getting started
  • restjet (latest: 5.1.0) restjet is full tools for build an app
  • react-native-pattern-password (latest: 1.0.1) A pattern password component for React Native. It supports both iOS and Android since it's' written in pure JavaScript.
  • react-native-easy-slider (latest: 0.1.0) React-Native (Android,iOS) and React-Native-Web supported pure JS slider component with multiple markers
  • @react-cross/components (latest: 0.4.0) [![npm version](]( [![npm total downloads](](
  • react-notarealdb (latest: 0.1.2) A "fake" database for reactjs react-native that stores data in local storage, for sample applications.
  • react-native-ssl-pin (latest: 0.2.0) React-Native Ssl pinning using OkHttp 3 in Android, and AFNetworking on iOS.
  • react-native-web-svg-charts (latest: 0.0.10) (fork react-native-svg-charts) Customizable charts (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Circle, Progress) for React Native (web)
  • starkstring (latest: 0.3.4) Persian language localization.
  • prettier-plugin-jsdoc (latest: 0.2.4) Prettier plugin for format jsdoc and convert to standard Match with Visual studio and other IDE which support jsdoc.
  • react-principal (latest: 1.2.8) A state management with react context for apps which using hooks.
  • react-concurrent (latest: 2.1.1) A new Render-as-You-Fetch pattern for fetching data.

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