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  • @terascope/queue (latest: 1.1.7) This is a typical FIFO queue implementation with a few extra helper methods
  • @terascope/fetch-github-release (latest: 0.6.1) A node module to download Github release assets. It will also uncompress zip files and skip downloading if a file already exists.
  • teraslice-top (latest: 1.0.7) Teraslice Cluster Activity Monitoring Tool
  • @terascope/chunked-file-reader (latest: 2.3.0) This module is an abstracted reader for use in various Teraslice readers. It uses an externally-defined reader to read data and the packages up the data in a DataEntity for use with other Teraslice processors.
  • xlucene-evaluator (latest: 0.17.0) Flexible Lucene-like evalutor and language parser
  • elasticsearch-store (latest: 0.31.2) An API for managing an elasticsearch index, with versioning and migration support.
  • @terascope/elasticsearch-api (latest: 2.10.1) Elasticsearch client api used across multiple services, handles retries and exponential backoff
  • ts-transforms (latest: 0.40.2) An ETL framework built upon xlucene-evaluator
  • terafoundation (latest: 0.22.2) A Clustering and Foundation tool for Terascope Tools
  • teraslice (latest: 0.67.1) Distributed computing platform for processing JSON data
  • teraslice-client-js (latest: 0.25.0) A Node.js client for teraslice jobs, assets, and cluster references.
  • @terascope/job-components (latest: 0.37.0) A teraslice library for validating jobs schemas, registering apis, and defining and running new Job APIs
  • teraslice-test-harness (latest: 0.23.0) A helpful library for testing teraslice jobs, operations, and other components.
  • teraslice-cli (latest: 0.27.0) Command line manager for teraslice jobs, assets, and cluster references.

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