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  • snipperjs (latest: 0.0.1) Run snippets inside markdown files
  • github-repo-age (latest: 0.1.0) A simple command line tool to fetch the age of a GitHub repository
  • run-loader (latest: 0.0.6) An utility to test loaders from the command line
  • express-delay-requests-middleware (latest: 1.0.0) This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name.
  • eth-contract-address (latest: 0.0.1) Compute the address of a contract created given the address of the creator and the nonce.
  • chimi (latest: 0.2.2) Validate the JavaScript code of your Markdown files
  • mundial (latest: 0.0.11) ## Installation
  • oblique (latest: 0.0.1) Print a random oblique strategy
  • repl-maker (latest: 0.0.2) Make a customized node REPL with ease.
  • eth-cli (latest: 2.0.1) A collection of CLI tools to help with ethereum learning and development.
  • besogo (latest: 0.0.2-alpha) Embeddable SGF player for the game of Go (aka Weiqi, Baduk)
  • @fvictorio/gsc (latest: 0.0.16) Create a docker image of a ganache instance with all your required projects already deployed.
  • embark-solhint (latest: 0.0.1) A [solhint]( plugin for [Embark](
  • @completely/spec (latest: 0.0.7) Spec of JSON descriptions of commands used by completely to generate shell completion scripts
  • @completely/cli (latest: 0.0.10) Generate shell completion scripts from a JSON description of your command
  • solhint (latest: 3.2.0) Solidity Code Linter
  • @nomiclabs/websocket (latest: 1.0.31) Websocket Client & Server Library implementing the WebSocket protocol as specified in RFC 6455.
  • solhint-plugin-prettier (latest: 0.0.5) This [Solhint]( plugin lets you check that your solidity files are correctly formatted according to the [solidity plugin for Prettier]( Each difference wi
  • @nomiclabs/buidler (latest: 1.4.7) Buidler is an extensible developer tool that helps smart contract developers increase productivity by reliably bringing together the tools they want.

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