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  • graphql-routes (latest: 0.1.0) Free batching and caching for your GraphQL resolvers
  • graphql-thinky (latest: 0.4.0-rc-3) GraphQL & Relay powered by thinky / RethinkDB
  • rsg-alt (latest: 3.17.1) A React component guide that generates code examples, prop documentation, rendered component samples and active development.
  • blrpc (latest: 0.0.9) Automock your grpc services
  • bloomrpc (latest: 0.1.0) Automock your grpc services
  • nestjs-config (latest: 1.4.6) Easy to use Nest congifuration module
  • @nimbus/di (latest: 1.0.9-alpha.0) Nimbus IoC container - alias of the package @graphql-modules/di
  • @nimbus/core (latest: 1.0.23-alpha.0) nimbus core based on GraphQLModules
  • @nimbus/server (latest: 1.0.24-alpha.0) A simple default server for nimbus
  • @nimbus/auth (latest: 1.0.42-alpha.0) Nimbus authentication module
  • @nimbus/logger (latest: 1.0.24-alpha.0) Nimbus default logger based on Winston
  • @nimbus/operational (latest: 1.0.24-alpha.0) Nimbus operational package, monitor and collect useful metrics
  • @nimbus/grpc (latest: 1.0.27-alpha.0) A grpc client with batteries included.
  • @nimbus/framework (latest: 1.0.42-alpha.0) Nimbus Framework package. Gran the main nimbus packages.

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