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  • racer-highway (latest: 8.1.0) Websocket and browserchannel transport for Racer
  • derby-header (latest: 6.0.3) Derby layout with persistent header
  • @startupjs/racer (latest: 0.9.15) Realtime model synchronization engine for Node.js
  • d-scrollable-table (latest: 0.4.2) Scrollable table with fixed (floating) thead and N first column(s)
  • @startupjs/codepush (latest: 0.26.0) Dynamically push JS-only updates to the React Native apps
  • @startupjs/model (latest: 0.26.0) Initializes model connection and retrieves the singleton client-side model
  • @startupjs/offline (latest: 0.26.0) Startupjs offline creates an additional Thread (a la WebWorker) in background.
  • @startupjs/init (latest: 0.26.0) Init sharedb connection on client web, native or server side
  • @startupjs/cli (latest: 0.26.3) start, watch and build startupjs project
  • @startupjs/mdx (latest: 0.26.3) MDX provider with a set of custom components for react-native support and syntax highlighting
  • @startupjs/bundler (latest: 0.26.4) Opinionated scripts and configs to develop a react-native-web project
  • startupjs (latest: 0.26.4) React Native + Web + Node.js full-stack framework

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