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  • @spraoi/auth (latest: 0.23.43) Container components for making authentication a breeze.
  • @spraoi/gatsby-plugin (latest: 0.23.43) A Gatsby plugin for adding any necessary steps to our build process.
  • @spraoi/legacy-auth (latest: 0.23.43) Provides authentication actions, reducers, sagas, and some helper components.
  • @spraoi/stylelint-config (latest: 0.23.43) An opinionated, extenisble stylelint config to enforce high-quality stylesheets.
  • @spraoi/gatsby-config (latest: 0.23.43) A sensible, extensible concoction of plugins & configuration for Gatsby.
  • @spraoi/scripts (latest: 0.23.48) Helpful scripts for managing @spraoi UI projects & packages.
  • @spraoi/eslint-config (latest: 0.23.49) An opinionated, extensible eslint config to enforce high-quality javascript.
  • @spraoi/jest-config (latest: 0.23.63) A preconfigured, extensible testing configuration with Enzyme and Jest.
  • @spraoi/base (latest: 0.23.64) React components that will likely be used in most projects.

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