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  • fabric-composer-site (latest: 0.4.4) Fabric Composer is a blockchain development framework for Hyperledger Fabric: a library of assets/functions for creating blockchain-based applications.
  • composer-ui (latest: 0.7.0) A test harness/UI for the web runtime container for Hyperledger Composer
  • generator-fabric-composer (latest: 0.7.1) Generates skeleton projects from Hyperledger Composer business network definitions
  • composer-runtime-hlf (latest: 0.11.3) The Hyperledger Fabric runtime container for Hyperledger Composer
  • bond-network (latest: 0.2.5) Bond Reference Data Sharing Business Network
  • composer-common (latest: 0.20.9) Hyperledger Composer Common, code that is common across client, admin and runtime.
  • composer-runtime-hlfv1 (latest: 0.20.9) The Hyperledger Fabric v1.x Node.JS runtime container for Hyperledger Composer
  • composer-runtime (latest: 0.20.9) The runtime execution environment for Hyperledger Composer
  • composer-client (latest: 0.20.9) The node.js client library for Hyperledger Composer, a development framework for Hyperledger Fabric
  • composer-admin (latest: 0.20.9) Hyperledger Composer Admin, code that manages business networks deployed to Hyperledger Fabric
  • composer-cli (latest: 0.20.9) Hyperledger Composer command line interfaces (CLIs)
  • composer-rest-server (latest: 0.20.9) Hyperledger Composer REST server that uses the Hyperledger Composer LoopBack connector
  • composer-playground (latest: 0.20.9) A test harness/UI for the web runtime container for Hyperledger Composer

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