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  • plotly (latest: 1.0.6) Simple node.js wrapper for the API
  • draft-js-coopy (latest: 0.4.0) A React framework for building text editors.
  • country-regex (latest: 1.1.0) Hash map of country ISO-3 codes to regular expression identifiers
  • glsl-rfft (latest: 1.0.2) GLSL setup for performing a Fast Fourier Transform of real-valued input
  • glsl-fft (latest: 1.0.2) GLSL setup for performing a Fast Fourier Transform of two complex matrices
  • crosslink (latest: 0.2.2) A spreadsheet cell microlibrary inspired by arrowized Functional Reactive Programming
  • dash-components-archetype-dev (latest: 0.3.0-rc1) A [Builder]( Archetype for Dash components suites (Development)
  • react-msa-viewer (latest: 1.0.1) A React component to create Multiple Sequence Alignments
  • glsl-out-of-range (latest: 1.0.4) Functions to test if a point is outside ranges, namely useful for 3D/2D scenes that may have reversed bounds
  • gl-spikes2d (latest: 1.0.2) Axes spikes for 2d webgl plots
  • react-colorscales (latest: 0.7.3) A React component for picking colorscales based on Chroma.js
  • react-oncoprint (latest: 1.2.3) A React component to create interactive OncoPrint charts.
  • colormap (latest: 2.3.1) Great looking color maps
  • gl-text (latest: 1.1.8) Render text with WebGL
  • sane-topojson (latest: 4.0.0) Ready-to-use multi-layer topojson files
  • react-cytoscapejs (latest: 1.2.1) React-based network visualization component, using Cytoscape
  • orca (latest: 1.3.1) Plotly's image-exporting utilities
  • text-cache (latest: 4.2.2) Internal module - vectorized text pooling for gl-vis
  • gl-axes3d (latest: 1.5.3) 3D axes for WebGL
  • gl-error3d (latest: 1.0.16) Draws error bars around points
  • gl-select-box (latest: 1.0.4) Draws a user selection over the screen
  • gl-spikes3d (latest: 1.0.10) gl-spikes3d =========== Draws axis spikes compatible with gl-axes3d. This can be useful to illustrate selections or specific points in a point cloud
  • fast-isnumeric (latest: 1.1.4) The fast way to check if a JS object is numeric
  • @plotly/d3-sankey (latest: 0.7.3) Visualize flow between nodes in a directed acyclic network.
  • regl-error2d (latest: 2.0.11) Render error bars for the set of points
  • gl-surface3d (latest: 1.6.0) Renders parametric surfaces in 3D
  • gl-plot3d (latest: 2.4.7) Quick start rendering engine for plotting/data visualization
  • plotly-spectacle-editor-viewer (latest: 0.4.0) Viewer component for Spectacle Editor presentation files - forked from FormidableLabs/spectacle-editor-viewer
  • plotly.js (latest: 1.58.4) The open source javascript graphing library that powers plotly
  • plotly.js-dist (latest: 1.58.4) Ready-to-use plotly.js distributed bundle.
  • @plotly/d3 (latest: 3.5.18) A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.
  • plotlywidget (latest: 4.14.3) The plotly JupyterLab extension
  • regl-splom (latest: 1.0.13) Scatterplot matrix for 2d plots

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