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  • mr-cluster (latest: 0.1.1) Application Clustering
  • restwalker (latest: 0.2.0) HATOAS Service Testing
  • redux-state-trail (latest: 0.0.1) Tracks the trailing Redux state of an application.
  • savey-wavey (latest: 0.1.0) Execute shell commands on save
  • @essex/pbi-stateful (latest: 0.13.0) EXPERIMENTAL: Adds stateful support to powerbi to allow for arbitrary storing/loading of visual state
  • @essex/timebrush (latest: 1.0.1) [![CircleCI](](
  • @essex/visual-config (latest: 3.0.0) Configuration utilities for the Essex PowerBI visual build system
  • @essex/visual-styling (latest: 3.0.0) A collection of styling elements for producing a consistent powerbi visual experience.
  • @essex/visual-entry-loader (latest: 3.0.0) A webpack loader for injecting powerbi visual bootstrapping logic around a custom visual module
  • @essex/visual-utils (latest: 3.0.0) A collection of utilities to help in the creation of powerbi visuals
  • @essex/powerbi-visual-scripts (latest: 3.0.1) This package contains scripts for building PowerBI visuals using the Essex PowerBI build system. This build system is designed to emulate the high-level features of the PowerBI-visuals-tools, including the developer visual and bundling capabilities, but u
  • tslint-react-perf (latest: 0.3.1) Lint rules related to React & JSX Performance for TSLint
  • @chart-parts/interfaces (latest: 0.1.3) Common interfaces for the visualization system, including marks, mark specifications, scenegraphs, and virtual dom definitions
  • @chart-parts/vsvg (latest: 0.1.3) Implementation of the visual prerendering phase, which translates scenegraphs to an intermediate, svg-based, form
  • shallowequalx (latest: 1.1.0) Like lodash isEqualWith but for shallow equal.
  • @react-dnd/asap (latest: 4.0.0) High-priority task queue for Node.js and browsers
  • dnd-core (latest: 11.1.3) Drag and drop sans the GUI
  • react-dnd (latest: 11.1.3) Drag and Drop for React
  • @visual-analytics-components/plain-object-dataset (latest: 0.3.0) The plain-object dataset is meant for small-volume datasets or test situations where data is represented in plain JavaScript format. For larger datasets, consider using an implementation backed by Kruda or a database connection.
  • @visual-analytics-components/mapped-dataset (latest: 0.3.0) The mapped-dataset provides a mapping layer between the data requirements of individual components to the actual layout of source datasets. This is usually used when there is a 'mapping' specification defined on a component.
  • @visual-analytics-components/title-component (latest: 0.3.0) A textual-information component for disaggregated visualization. As events are emitted through the system, this will contain a textual description of the action last taken by the user.
  • @thematic/color (latest: 0.9.0) Contains color transforms and helpers, as well as the core color compute logic to generate themes from a set of input parameters. This package also contains color blindness simulation logic that you can apply to themes to see how your app will look to peo
  • @thematic/core (latest: 0.9.0) This package contains the core theme parsing and transformation.
  • @thematic/vega (latest: 0.9.0) This package provides a [Vega]( adapter for thematic.
  • @thematic/d3 (latest: 0.9.0) This package provides a variety of helpers for applying Thematic to visualizations based on [D3](
  • @thematic/react (latest: 0.9.0) This is the React package for thematic. It makes things easier to use with React!
  • @thematic/fluent (latest: 0.9.0) Provides integration with the @fluentui/react library, specifically working with their theming functionality.
  • @essex/scripts (latest: 12.0.2) A set of scripts to make a essex javascript engineer's life easier
  • @essex/shellrunner (latest: 10.0.5) A set of utility libraries for executing shell commands

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