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  • socket-logger (latest: 0.90.12) A central log target implemented in unix sockets to consolidate multiple service containers on a single machine.
  • websocket-access-service (latest: 0.90.25) A non-traditional access service that leverages websockets to provide user authentication
  • node-jsdom (latest: 3.1.5) A JavaScript implementation of the DOM and HTML standards cloned from the original jsdom branch 3.x
  • background-service-runner (latest: 0.91.10) A daemon runner utility for node, python, shell and other executable services. Can be configured to run a monitored or detached child process or groups of processes.
  • web-app-runner (latest: 0.91.10) A simple HTTP application server that accepts or rejects connections based on authenticated attributes including ip, user agent, etc. The server can be used stand alone or as middleware for connect or express.
  • socket-model (latest: 0.92.10) A small socket network framework to support inter-process JSON messages using unix sockets.
  • node-messaging-commons (latest: 0.91.14) A websocket library of pub/sub support for secure web socket messaging.
  • js-list-container (latest: 0.91.22) An evented array list container that augments the standard javascript array without altering the array prototype. Events fire when the list changes or when a contained model is updated.
  • mock-browser (latest: 0.92.14) A mock browser with window, document, location, navigation, local and session storage to use for client side code tests in a node environment.
  • simple-node-db (latest: 0.91.14) A document database with query, insert, update, backup/restore and replication implemented on top of levelup, leveldown, and memdown.
  • node-file-utils (latest: 0.91.20) A simple set of file utilities suitable for command line projects...
  • random-fixture-data (latest: 2.0.19) Random fixture data generator cloned from boo1ean/casual by Egor Gumenyuk to provide mixed-case methods that pass jshint tests where camelcase is set to true...
  • aws-commons (latest: 0.92.22) A collection of small utilities to manage AWS services and actions
  • node-service-commons (latest: 0.91.40) An MVC platform of common REST services for node / web applications implemented for classical instantiation and inheritance.
  • simple-node-logger (latest: 18.12.24) A node console and file logger suitable for small, medium and large production projects.

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