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  • hexo-yuidoc (latest: 0.2.2) YUIDoc generator for Hexo
  • hexo-notify (latest: 0.0.1) Notification plugin for Hexo
  • hexo-inject (latest: 1.0.0) Dynamic script & style (and more) injection for Hexo
  • utterances-npmjs (latest: 0.5.4) A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues.
  • hexo-nofollow (latest: 2.0.0) Adds nofollow attribute to all external links in your hexo posts automatically.
  • hexo-pagination (latest: 1.0.0) Pagination utilities for Hexo generator plugins.
  • hexo-i18n (latest: 1.0.0) i18n module for Hexo.
  • hexo-bunyan (latest: 2.0.0) a JSON logging library for node.js services(remove optional dependency DTrace-Provider for Hexo)
  • warehouse (latest: 4.0.0) Simple JSON-based database
  • hexo-fs (latest: 3.1.0) File system module for Hexo.
  • hexo-log (latest: 2.0.0) Logger for Hexo
  • hexo-cli (latest: 4.2.0) Command line interface for Hexo
  • hexo-util (latest: 2.4.0) Utilities for Hexo.
  • hexo-math (latest: 4.0.0) Add KaTeX and MathJax support to Hexo
  • hexo-yam (latest: 4.2.0) Yet Another Minifier. Minify and compress html, js, css, svg, xml and json
  • hexo-uglify (latest: 2.0.0) Minify JavaScript files with Terser.
  • hexo-renderer-markdown-it (latest: 5.0.0) Markdown-it is a Markdown parser, done right. A faster and CommonMark compliant alternative for Hexo.
  • hexo-filter-lqip (latest: 1.4.1) A Hexo plugins which helps to introduce low quality image placeholders to the theme
  • hexo (latest: 5.3.0) A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

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