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  • netsim (latest: 1.0.4) Basic Network Simulator for Javascript
  • webgme-setup-tool (latest: 1.5.0) [![Build Status](]( [![Version](]( [![Stories in
  • simjs (latest: 2.0.3) SimJS updated with ES2015 and updated toolchain
  • webgme-breadcrumbheader (latest: 2.1.1) This library contains an alternative visualizer for the webgme header. It replaces the second row of the default visualizer with breadcrumbs of the containment path to the active node.
  • netsblox (latest: 0.13.1) Visual programming environment with networking support
  • webgme-simple-nodes (latest: 2.1.3) A WebGME plugin simplifying arbitrary code generation from models
  • webgme-autoviz (latest: 2.2.2) [![Version](]( [![Code Climate](](
  • webgme-easydag (latest: 1.3.0) [![License](](./LICENSE) [![Build Status](]( # Webgme EasyDAG WebGME EasyDAG is a visualizer providing
  • webgme-chflayout (latest: 2.0.1) [![Stories in Ready](]( # webgme-chflayout A Header-Center-Footer webgme layout with a floating panel
  • webgme-cli (latest: 2.8.4) Command line interface for managing WebGME apps
  • webgme-engine (latest: 2.25.1) WebGME server and Client API without a GUI
  • webgme (latest: 2.42.0) Web-based Generic Modeling Environment
  • webgme-fab (latest: 2.1.2) WebGME-fab is a floating action button for webgme apps. By default it provides capabilities for running plugins.
  • deepforge (latest: 2.4.1) [![Release State](]( [![License](](./LICENSE) [![Build Status](
  • webgme-plotly (latest: 1.0.0) This repository contains components for visualizing [plotly]( JSON in [webgme ]( ## Quick start Use [webgme-cli]( to import `PlotlyGraph` panel to your
  • snap2js (latest: 1.6.0) Cross compiler from Snap! to JavaScript

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