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  • loopback-graphql-relay (latest: 2.0.0-beta.4) Add Relay based Apollo Server or GraphQL queries on your Loopback server
  • @blueeast/bluerain-plugin-material-ui (latest: 3.1.2) Adds [Material UI]( theme Provider to BlueRain. Components of material-ui have been developed using a common interface. [](
  • @bluebase/cli-essentials (latest: 2.0.3) This package has all the essential exports for use with BlueBase CLI projects.
  • @bluebase/cli (latest: 1.3.1) CLI tool to make life with BlueBase easier!
  • @bluebase/cli-web (latest: 1.3.0) <div align="center"> <img height=125 src="./assets/logo.jpg"> <h1> BlueBase CLI Web </h1> <p>

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