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  • sails-swagger (latest: 0.5.1) integration for sails.js
  • sails-auth (latest: 2.1.1) Passport-based User Authentication system for sails.js applications.
  • sails-permissions (latest: 2.1.8) Comprehensive user permissions and entitlements system for sails.js and Waterline. Supports user authentication with passport.js, role-based permissioning, object ownership, and row-level security.
  • marlinspike (latest: 1.0.0) Superpowers for your Sails.js Hooks
  • sails-webpack (latest: 1.0.13) Webpack asset pipeline hook for Sails
  • trailpack (latest: 3.0.0) Trailpacks extend the functionality of the Trails framework.
  • @balderdash/xlsx (latest: 1.0.1) Excel (XLSB/XLSX/XLSM/XLS/XML) and ODS spreadsheet parser and writer
  • @balderdash/sails-edge (latest: 0.50.0) API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and
  • @balderdash/sails-cms (latest: 0.50.0) This package is **deprecated and should not be used.** For the latest, up to date information about Sails, please visit You can install the Sails framework using `npm install sails`.
  • trailpack-hapi (latest: 3.1.1) Hapi.js Trailpack. This pack binds the routes compiled in trailpack-router to a Hapi Server.
  • trails (latest: 3.2.2) Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js

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