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  • apostrophe-button (latest: 0.1.0) Ultra simple "button" component for Apostrophe2. Can be used as an area widget or singleton. Basically a style-able link.
  • apostrophe-proxy-auth (latest: 0.5.5) Log into Apostrophe via weblogin, cosign, shibboleth, basic auth, etc. with an Apache reverse proxy server
  • apostrophe-google-spreadsheet (latest: 0.1.2) Link your apostrophe project with a spreadsheet in google drive. Sync the data as JSON and store it in its own mongo collection. Takes simple, apostrophe-site configuration in app js. Exposes a command line task and apostrophe UI for initiating a sync.
  • apostrophe-moderator (latest: 0.5.8) This component creates a public-facing interface that allows users to submit instances of existing apostrophe classes to the site's database.
  • apostrophe-schemas (latest: 0.5.93) Schemas for easy editing of properties in Apostrophe objects
  • apostrophe-update-forms (latest: 0.5.8) Helps your website's contributors update out-of-date information via simple, targeted forms that display just a few fields. Unlike apostrophe-moderator this is focused on updating existing content and minimizing all forms of friction that discourage updat
  • apostrophe-groups (latest: 0.5.34) Groups for apostrophe-people, a component of the Apostrophe content management system
  • apostrophe-flickr (latest: 0.5.13) Adds a Flickr set widget to the Apostrophe content management system
  • apostrophe-people (latest: 0.5.63) Staff directories, user accounts and personal profiles for the Apostrophe content management system
  • apostrophe-snippets (latest: 0.5.93) Reusable content snippets for the Apostrophe content management system. The blog and events modules are built on this foundation, which is also useful in and of itself.
  • apostrophe-browserify (latest: 0.5.15) A convenience module for using browserify with frontend code in Apostrophe.
  • apostrophe-localization (latest: 0.5.12) Internationalion, translation and localization of content on sites powered by the Apostrophe 2 CMS
  • apostrophe-twitter (latest: 0.5.25) Adds a Twitter feed widget to Apostrophe's rich content editor
  • joinr (latest: 1.0.2) Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases
  • apostrophe-facebook (latest: 0.5.24) Adds a Facebook Page RSS widget to the Apostrophe content management system
  • apostrophe-blog (latest: 2.2.1) Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system
  • appy (latest: 0.6.0) Bootstrap an Express 3.0 app. Legacy projects only.
  • stylelint-config-punkave (latest: 1.1.3) ```bash npm install stylelint-config-punkave --save-dev ``` Add the following to `.stylelintrc` in root directory of project.
  • apostrophe-cas (latest: 0.5.9) CAS authentication client and server for the Apostrophe CMS
  • apostrophe-pieces-import (latest: 2.1.6) Import pieces from CSV, TSV, Excel and formats you add yourself as pieces in Apostrophe, with a nice UI
  • apostrophe-site (latest: 0.5.51) Create sites powered by the Apostrophe 2 CMS with a minimum of boilerplate code
  • apostrophe-site-map (latest: 2.5.3) Generate site maps for sites powered by the Apostrophe CMS.
  • apostrophe-cli (latest: 2.3.4) Commandline generator and configurator for Apostrophe CMS
  • eslint-config-punkave (latest: 2.1.0) This module is for advanced users looking for a shareable configuration across projects for ESLint.

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