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  • ficons (latest: 1.1.54) ## A Minimalist, Drop In Font Awesome Replacement
  • @factor/stack-fire (latest: 0.3.7) A Factor core services stack using Firebase and Algolia.
  • @factor/theme-docs (latest: 1.0.0-beta.9) A markdown based documentation theme for [Factor](
  • @factor/theme-standard (latest: 1.0.0-beta.9) a basic theme with only the required elements to get a theme started with [Factor](
  • @factor/theme-bulma (latest: 1.1.3) Based on the open source CSS framework that uses flexbox and is used by more than 150,000 developers.
  • @factor/plugin-notify (latest: 1.7.8) Notify allows you to add toast notifications to your app with ease.
  • @factor/plugin-seo (latest: 1.8.3) This plugin makes it easy to implement and edit your SEO.
  • @factor/plugin-jobs (latest: 1.8.22) This plugin makes it easy to create and manage a job board in your Factor app.
  • @factor/plugin-blog (latest: 1.8.22) A standard blog plugin that can be easily customized to meet any blogging need in your Factor app.
  • @factor/plugin-forum (latest: 1.8.22) Factor forum is a powerful forum solution for your factor app. This plugin comes with essential elements to run an efficient and professional community.
  • @factor/cli (latest: 1.8.26) Learn how to use Factor's CLI tool at []
  • @factor/core (latest: 1.8.26) This is the parent package for all Factor core packages.
  • @factor/theme-alpha (latest: 1.8.26) Alpha, a minimal portfolio theme for [Factor]( ideal for individuals of creative professions.
  • @factor/theme-framework (latest: 1.8.26) Framework theme is lightweight, uncluttered and simple. Focused on functionality to help you start building your new app with [Factor](
  • @factor/theme-zeno (latest: 1.8.26) Zeno is a theme suited for the needs of SaaS and technology companies. Styles are powered by Tailwind, a low-level CSS framework.
  • @factor/theme-ultra (latest: 1.8.26) Ultra, a modern single-page [Factor]( theme for creative exposure with unique effects and features.

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