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  • novicell-debounce (latest: 1.0.0) Simple function to debounce scroll and resize event
  • novicell-map (latest: 2.0.0) A simple component to load a single google map with a marker on it.
  • novicell-overlay (latest: 2.0.6) Simple script that can open an overlay / modal
  • @novicell/darkmode-detector (latest: 0.0.9) A JS module to detect wether the user prefers darkmode or not. Looks at build in params, as well as time and location.
  • web-components-testing-nvcl (latest: 2.0.0) This webcomponent library template is Written in pure Vanilla JS. It can easily be implemented with all the frameworks such as: Vue, Angular and React. Just install the component library as seen below
  • @novicell/message-bar (latest: 0.0.10) [![npm version](]( ![npm](
  • @novicell/cli (latest: 1.0.7) A CLI to help developers start up new projects
  • redisearchfuzzy (latest: 0.0.2-7) Simple Node Interface for RediSearch indexes. Implemented for RediSearch 2.x

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