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  • change (latest: 0.0.0) a tardis for timelords and native time travel
  • blossom-ui (latest: 1.6.1) A free open-source design framework for the modern web
  • minicons (latest: 1.0.3) Aesthetic open-source svg icons
  • dotflow (latest: 1.0.8) Flow contains the universal [typings](/src/typings/namespace.d.ts) and basic layout of how a `.flow` file should be structured and defined.
  • test-react-pixi (latest: 1.0.2) Write PixiJS applications using React declarative style.
  • use-restate (latest: 0.0.19) A React Hook that subscribes your state selector to the store and memoizes your action dispatchers.
  • use-copy (latest: 0.0.2) A React Hook that provides an easy interface to copy textual data.
  • figicons (latest: 1.2.7) Figicons is an open-source SVG icon set containing over 150+ icons designed on a 24px grid in Figma. Figicons also provides the right tooling ([via the CLI]( to easily fetch, parse & optimize your custom icons in minutes.
  • figicons-cli (latest: 1.0.1) The Figicons CLI provides the right tooling to easily fetch, parse & optimize your Figma-designed icons in minutes.
  • framer-base (latest: 1.1.0-alpha.5) Framer Base Kit is a set of components designed to get you started designing and prototyping with Framer X.
  • @framerjs/component-importer (latest: 0.0.32) ```ts import * as React from "react" import * as Fabric from "office-ui-fabric-react" import { addPropertyControls, ControlType } from "framer"
  • framer-cli (latest: 1.8.0) Build and publish Framer projects from the command line
  • framer (latest: 1.2.25) The Framer library is the code that drives Framer projects and components. It helps you build from simple interactive components to whole apps.
  • framer-motion (latest: 3.7.0) An open source and production-ready motion library for React on the web

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