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  • @salesforce/canvas-js-sdk (latest: 1.41.0) A JavaScript SDK used to integrate applications with the Canvas framework
  • @oclif/fixpack (latest: 2.3.0) cli tool that cleans up package.json files.
  • @amphro/streamer (latest: 1.0.1) Stream platform or streaming events to the console via a channel
  • @oclif/tslint (latest: 3.1.1) tslint rules for oclif components
  • @salesforce/lwc-jest (latest: 0.6.2) Run Jest against LWC components in a Salesforce DX workspace environment
  • @sfdx-plugins-lab/plugin-apex-coverage (latest: 0.1.5) A Salesforce CLI plugin to work with apex code coverage obtained by `sfdx force:apex:test:run -r human --codecoverage --outputdir <path>`.
  • @oclif/plugin-interceptor (latest: 1.0.1) plugin that defines a pre-run hook that can record and mock http/s requests and responses during command execution
  • @salesforce/bunyan (latest: 2.0.0) a JSON logging library for node.js services (dtrace is disabled)
  • @oclif/color (latest: 0.1.2) <!-- usage --> # Commands <!-- commands -->
  • @salesforce/change-case-management (latest: 1.3.3) Manage change case records in a release management system in Salesforce using something like [Agile Accelerator]( This uses two record types on Case that to manage changes
  • @oclif/errors (latest: 1.3.3) display friendly CLI errors and log to error log
  • @salesforce/dev-config (latest: 2.0.0) A set of standard typescript config and tslint options for Salesforce projects.
  • @oclif/config (latest: 1.17.0) base config object and standard interfaces for oclif components
  • @oclif/test (latest: 1.2.7) test helpers for oclif components
  • @salesforce/dev-scripts (latest: 0.6.2) Standardize package.json scripts and config files for Salesforce projects.
  • @salesforce/kit (latest: 1.3.3) Commonly needed utilities for TypeScript and JavaScript
  • jsforce (latest: 1.10.0) Salesforce API Library for JavaScript
  • @oclif/core (latest: 0.2.0) base library for oclif CLIs
  • @salesforce/sfdx-scanner (latest: 2.3.0) Static code scanner that applies quality and security rules to Apex code, and provides feedback.
  • @salesforce/schemas (latest: 1.0.3) This repository contains the spec and schema for the Scratch Org Definition Configuration file and `sfdx-project.json` file.
  • @salesforce/plugin-templates (latest: 50.1.0) This repository provides a series of commands, templates, and generators for various metadata types. It is bundled with the [salesforcedx plugin](
  • salesforce-alm (latest: 50.3.1) This package contains tools, and APIs, for an improved developer experience.
  • salesforcedx (latest: 50.3.1) A core plugin to the Salesforce DX CLI that provides all commands under the force topic.
  • sfdx-cli (latest: 7.78.1) Salesforce CLI
  • @salesforce/lwc-dev-server-dependencies (latest: 1.0.86) This library is a component of the [LWC Local Development tool]( and should not be consumed directly.
  • @salesforce/core (latest: 2.15.0) Core libraries to interact with SFDX projects, orgs, and APIs.

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