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  • nut-cli (latest: 0.0.2) Nut is an ultimate nodejs command line arguments manager,it helps you in setting up help menu and listen to user arguments in a linear fashion
  • ghost-sitemap (latest: 0.0.3) Frustation free sitemap generator for ghost
  • lineup (latest: 0.0.7) Must have tool for your next cli app , consists of logger, progress bar, higlighter, stickers, pretty list, actions , icons and terminal colors
  • ng-runner (latest: 0.0.1) Easy way to test ng addons and hooks
  • inker (latest: 0.0.3) Documentation only static website generator, with pre built modular themes
  • ng-core-addons (latest: 0.0.9) core addon for ngcli , contains generator and all required build tasks.
  • adonis-ioc-container (latest: 1.0.1) Adonis ioc container is the real glue behind the adonis framework, it works as a peer dependency to register packages to adonis
  • adonis-lodge (latest: 1.0.1) Lodge is a namespacing library for node/io js. It let you register modules inside your directories under a given namespace.
  • adonis-http-dispatcher (latest: 1.0.3) Http dispatcher a loosely coupled http server for adonis framework , it does all the required hard work to setup a managable http server with depdendency injection in place.
  • adonis-co-ware (latest: 1.0.4) Fork of co-ware to make it work with adonis framework
  • dwell (latest: 1.0.0) micro module to inspect contructor injections and get them back as an array.
  • html-to-markdown (latest: 1.0.0) html to markdown converter with zero dependencies
  • node-csp (latest: 1.0.1) I/O module to add cross browser csp headers to http response
  • node-guard (latest: 1.0.0) General purpose I/O module to add following http headers to keep your webpages securing them from malware attacks. This module can be used with any node http server.
  • terminal-help (latest: 2.0.0) Create help menu for your next terminal app
  • require-stack (latest: 1.0.2) Returns syntax error while requiring modules under try/catch, which is missing by default
  • cat-log (latest: 1.0.2) Logger on top of npmlog and intercepts cli flags for showing log messages
  • mirage.js (latest: 1.0.0) A fake HTTP server for modern web development
  • adonis-cli (latest: 2.1.9) Scaffold new adonis application
  • anchorify (latest: 1.0.2) Convert urls to anchor tags inside a string
  • pope (latest: 2.0.2) Zero dependency micro templating engine for strings only.
  • indicative (latest: 5.0.8) Concise data validation library for Node.js and browsers
  • node-req (latest: 2.1.1) I/O parser for nodejs http request
  • node-res (latest: 5.0.1) Nodejs http response builder
  • node-cookie (latest: 2.1.1) sign, encrypt and parse http cookies

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