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  • @ui-autotools/schema-views (latest: 0.4.0) A collection of React components that display API documentation based on JSON schemas generated by schema-extract.
  • @ui-autotools/schema-playground (latest: 1.7.0) **Schema Playground** is a developer tool that simplifies creating new auto-generated views from source files
  • @wixc3/schema-views (latest: 3.1.5) A collection of React components that display API documentation based on JSON schemas.
  • @wixc3/typescript-schema-extract (latest: 2.1.1) Schema extract transforms all the types (explicit or inferred) in your code files into [JSON-Schema]( schemas. Schema extraction is a necessary step to create automated documentation for your code.
  • lerna-publisher (latest: 1.2.1) Utility to publish lerna/yarn/workspace types of packages from ci to npm
  • @ui-autotools/showcase (latest: 5.0.1) Creates a static website with documentation, API and demos for all components described in the meta files.
  • @wixc3/wcs-core (latest: 2.0.4) [![Build Status](]( [![npm version](](
  • pleb (latest: 3.2.0) a casual publisher
  • @wixc3/engine-core (latest: 14.4.5) Run-time abstractions for creating multi-environment web applications while practicing feature-oriented software development.
  • @wixc3/engine-scripts (latest: 14.4.5) Tooling for building and running of applications written using the `@wixc3/engine-core` package.
  • @stylable/cli (latest: 3.11.1) A low-level utility used for working with Stylable projects
  • @stylable/experimental-loader (latest: 3.11.1) This loader supports working with `mini-css-extract-plugin`. Internally, this setup uses two seperate loaders.
  • @stylable/e2e-test-kit (latest: 3.11.1) A collection of tools to help test Stylable components and applications from end-to-end
  • @stylable/jest (latest: 3.11.1) Test your Stylable React components using Jest
  • @stylable/language-service (latest: 3.11.1) Stylable Language Services - syntax highlighting, completions, hinting and more for the Stylable CSS preprocessor.
  • @stylable/node (latest: 3.11.1) Integrate Stylable into your node application

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