Packages by abz53378

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  • slate-md-editor (latest: 1.5.4) Add live markdown preview and edit to your Slate editor.
  • canner-slate-editor (latest: 1.5.4) Another rich text editor using Slate framework with toolbar support
  • canner-storage (latest: 1.5.0-canary.39) The storage APIs of canner CMS
  • antd-geosuggest (latest: 0.3.3) Antd based geo suggestion for Google maps places API
  • canner-ref-id (latest: 3.2.1) Use to create refId in Canner CMS
  • canner-schema-loader (latest: 3.2.1) Deconstruct JSX into objects schema object and componentTree.
  • canner-script (latest: 3.2.1) Sugar syntax of Canner CMS schema
  • @canner/server-common (latest: 3.2.1) The common config of @canner/server, @canner/auth-server, @canner/cms-server, @canner/graphql-server
  • @canner/router (latest: 3.2.1) Provide a simple router for canner without using react-router
  • @canner/container (latest: 3.4.3) The container renders sidebar, navbar and pass some properties to canner
  • @canner/server (latest: 3.4.3) Build CMS and GraphQL server with CannerCMS and GQLify
  • @canner/excerpt-html (latest: 1.2.0) Get the Excerpt from a markdown file (like in jekyll or *smith)
  • canner (latest: 2.0.58) Build CMS in few lines of code for different data sources

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