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$ cnpm install zip-up 
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Simple zip module for Node.js

NOTE: This module uses async/await; must use Node v7.6.0 or higher.


I created this project because there isn't a simple, easy to use zip reader for NodeJS which has few dependencies and simple in implementation. When searching for such a project, I came across this one:

However, it is no longer supported, and the tip is broken. I wanted to be able to use Node's built in zlib support, and the author had already done the legwork. He also had code which output correct zip headers. All I had to do is make sure the file itself streams properly to the output file in question using Node streams. I hope it proves as useful to you as it did to me!

What was needed was the ability to add multiple files and directories into a single zip file without having to have a staging folder on the harddrive. Yes, this means everything is done in memory, so be mindful of file sizes and the available RAM on the target machine.


import Zip from 'zip-up'
const zipper = new Zip('', { level: 1 })
await zipper.addDir('directory/to/zip')
await zipper.addDir('other/directory/to/zip')
const bytesWritten = await zipper.finalize()
// bytesWritten -> 276


Run npm test to run a simple test suite; this tests that no errors occur, but it does not test that the file is created correctly. Please manually inspect test/ and ensure it matches the files in test/fixtures.

Admittedly it's a down and dirty test, but it is enough to exercise the library properly and it also provides a sample usage.


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