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$ cnpm install yr 
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Yardstick image test suite tools

Library that helps using and managing image metadata provided by Yardstick Pictures.

Requires Node.js 7.6 (for older Node.js install yr@3) and (optionally) ImageMagick. To get started:

npm install --save yr
git clone https://github.com/yardstickpics/metadata.git


Scans metadata/ and downloads all associated image files to downloads/ directory. This will download about 80GB of data.


Scans metadata/ and downloads/ directories to import all images into an sqlite database images.db.


Programmatic API for using/browsing the metadata. The class' constructor takes following options:

  • sha1s — optional array of SHA-1 hashes of images to interate. If this option is not provided, it iterates over all available images.
  • root — optional path of clone of the metadata. ./metadata/ by default.
const yr = require('yr');
const metadata = new yr.Metadata();

The class has following methods:

.map([options,] callback)

Runs callback on every image's metadata. The callback gets an Image instance as an argument, and may return a Promise to perform asynchronous tasks.

Options are:

  • progress — boolean. If true, periodically log how many callbacks have been executed and how much time is estimated to finish.
  • cpus — integer. Number of tasks to run in parallel.
  • max — integer. Iterate only over this many images. Useful for testing tools on small samples.
  • ignoreErrors — boolean. By default if any callback throws or returns a Promise that fails, the whole map will be aborted.

Returns a Promise for an array of results from all callbacks.


Iterate over all available images and file sizes of some of them:

const fs = require('fs');
const Metadata = require('yr').Metadata;
const yr = new Metadata();

yr.map({progress: true}, image => {
    if (image.data.lic == "pd") {
        return fs.statSync(image.sourcePath()).size;
}).then(allValues => {
    const sizes = allValues.filter(x => x); // Remove undefined values
    const sum = sizes.reduce((sum,x) => sum+x, 0);
    console.log("Average public domain image size in this set is", sum / sizes.length);

.forEach([options,] callback)

Same as map, but returns a Promise for undefined.


Iterate over all available images' metadata and put in any .name fields that may be missing:

const Metadata = require('yr').Metadata;
const yr = new Metadata();

yr.forEach(image => {
    if (!image.data.name) {
        image.data.name = "Unnamed image";
.catch(err => console.error(err));


Object that represents an image (its metadata). It has following properties/methods:


Raw metadata.


Returns file path to the source image (e.g. "downloads/00/0000…0000.jpeg"). It'll return a path even if the file does not exist.


Adds a tag to .data.tags and returns true if it's a new tag.


Returns stringified .data.


Writes .data to disk.

Image.createFromFile(metadataObject, filePath)

A "static" method on Image that creates a new metadata JSON file and copies the file to its intended location in downloads/ directory.

The first argument must be an object that contains as many fields of Raw metadata as possible, except the sha1 field, which will be set automatically.

Returns a Promise for the Image instance.

Image.createFromBuffer(metadataObject, Buffer)

Same as createFromFile, but writes image from a Buffer instead.

const Image = require('yr').Image;

yr.Image.createFromFile({lic:'pd', name:'example'}, 'example.png')
    .catch(err => console.error);
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