A CLI for showing WhenIWork timesheet information.
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$ cnpm install wheniwork-cli 
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When I Work

Notice: This CLI is not affiliated with the WhenIWork company, it's just a side project built by a nerdy developer that works with the WhenIWork API.

A command-line-tool for displaying my information for the week.


So what's this thing look like anyways?

When I Work CLI Hours Table When I Work CLI Timesheet Table When I Work CLI Pace Table


Install the package:

$ npm install -g wheniwork-cli

Add ~/.wheniwork to your home directory ($HOME) with the following credentials:

WHENIWORK_USERNAME={your account email address}
WHENIWORK_PASSWORD={your account password}
WHENIWORK_KEY={your api key}

Run the following command to make a login request to get your API token:

$ wheniwork -l

This command will return the following information:

WHENIWORK_USERID={your user id}
WHENIWORK_TOKEN={your access token}

Copy and paste those values into your ~/.wheniwork file and you should be all set!

Please submit an issue if you are having problems getting this to work


To use the wheniwork-cli, simply type wheniwork in your terminal:

$ wheniwork

Adding a flag (see $ wheniwork -h) shows more tables. My personal favorite is the pace table (-p) which will show your current working pace and calculates how many hours you should work to match the expected pace you're going for.


Feel free to make a pull request on this project! It's just a little utility I use everyday to keep track of my working hours. If you're too lazy, you can make an issue to request a new feature or submit a bug.

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