Notify webpack compilation status to your operating system when using webpack-sane-compiler
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$ cnpm install webpack-sane-compiler-notifier 
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Notify webpack compilation status to your operating system when using webpack-sane-compiler.


$ npm install webpack-sane-compiler-notifier --save-dev


const startNotifying = require('webpack-sane-compiler-notifier');

const { stop, options } = startNotifying(compiler, {/* options */});

// Call compiler.run() or compiler.watch() to start a compilation and you will see OS notifications showing up
// Calling stop() will stop listening to the compiler events
// Furthermore, you have access to the options that were computed by the merge of provided options and the defaults

Available options

Name Description Type Default
title The title for the notification string package.json name
icon The icon for the notification string webpack-logo.png
sound Play a sound when notifying on OS that support it string false


$ npm test
$ npm test -- --watch during development


MIT License

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